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3 Simple Steps for Profound Personal Transformation -  How to Get UNSTUCK & Create an Extraordinary Life by Design: Confident Women Consortium

  • The Groton Inn 128 Main Street Groton, MA 01450 USA (map)

3 Simple Steps for Profound Personal Transformation

How to Get UNSTUCK & Create an Extraordinary Life by Design

· Do you believe that there’s more to life than just hanging in there during hard times and don’t wish to give into fear for the rest of your life

· Are  you ready to put the past behind, heal from the aftermath of your greatest challenges, and learn new skills to move forward in peace

· If you’re on a quest to recreate yourself and develop meaningful relationships

· and are curious about what’s possible for your next chapter and won’t settle for less than an extraordinary life

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Shawna will be sharing some of her break-through discoveries for living a life of peace, purpose and personal power.

By the end of this talk, you’ll be inspired and empowered to finally get beyond emotional pain, lack and frustration and create the life you want to live following a strategic proven roadmap to actually achieve the results you desire. 

Shawna Pelton -  Personal Empowerment & Self-Mastery Guide for Positive Change

Shawna combines nearly 2 decades of training under various teachings from holistic healing, mind-body medicine, ancient mysteries and metaphysics to the neuroscience of change and people building programs for personal and professional excellence. 

Her work has evolved over the years from herbal & holistic nutrition education, aesthetics & antiaging, biophoton therapy for hard to treat conditions, meditation for stress, spiritual healing (for everything), energy medicine for pain, emotional mastery & forgiveness for self-love healing, NLP & hypnosis for behavioral change, Conversational Intelligence(TM) and Executive Coaching for building trust. 

She is grounded in practical proven techniques while embodying the work of deeply spiritual training and practice free from dogma for helping people reduce fear and uncertainty in a world of rapid change.