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Confident Women Consortium: Finding Your Inner Strength

  • The Groton Inn 128 Main Street Groton, MA 01450 USA (map)


Summary of Talk:

Finding our “Inner Strength”

Throughout our life we may find ourselves swayed by the opinions and judgments of loved ones, co-workers, friends, acquaintances and the many voices of social media.  We tend to sometimes find ourselves questioning our own sense of self and good judgment.  We all have a core “inner strength” and “inner knowing.”  Sometimes the problem is just getting in touch with it.

During our time together we will have an opportunity to find a way of “centering.”  You will be guided in an integrative imagery session through the use of a relaxation method and guided questions to access an image of your “inner strength.”  You will connect with the image and spend some time getting to know the image better which is really a way of getting to know yourself  better.    After the session you may journal or draw your experience to keep for yourself.  You’ll have an opportunity to process the session with other women and to ask questions.

About Catherine Collins:

Catherine Collins is a master’s level nurse practitioner and health educator with 30 years of experience in health care. She’s certified in Integrative Imagery and Reflexology and she’s a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP) and Teacher (QTTT) in the Krieger-Kunz method of Therapeutic Touch. She integrates her nursing knowledge and skills with proven holistic healing modalities to design customized health programs to keep you healthy and relieve stress.

In addition to her practice, Healing Ways, she worked as a complementary care practitioner at the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden in Harvard, MA. for 10 years.

Catherine became interested in the concept of holistic healing through her work in traditional health care settings. It was clear to her that traditional medical care alone didn’t offer the relief people were hoping for when they sought care for chronic pain, stress and anxiety. She noticed that healing modalities such as Therapeutic Touch, Reflexology, and Integrative Imagery seemed to help patients heal faster, mainly by eliciting a relaxation response that helps pain medication kick in, boosts the immune system, and ireases feelings of well-being. Since they’re considered complementary therapies, they may be used concurrently with traditional medical treatment. She found them such a valuable and effective adjunct to traditional care that she went on to practice several of them.