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Confident Women Consortium

  • The Groton Inn 128 Main Street 128 Main Street, Groton, MA 01450 United States (map)

When you get this much wisdom in one room... magic happens

I am Joyce Strong, a confident woman and founder of Confident Women Consortium. I invite you to join me in my mission to help women grow in whatever way they want and can dream. Our speaker/dinner events are held at beautiful venues and feature talks by women who have powerful stories to share about overcoming challenges and fulfilling dreams. If you'd like to speak at Confident Women Consortium contact Joyce Strong at 617-666-1122 or

Speech Preview:

You Can Do More Thank You Think You Can

Sometimes life throws things at you that feel just too much to take.   You’ve tried and failed and feel frustrated and afraid to try again.  What the heck do you do then? 

Learn how changing your thinking can change your life with tools from my Continuous Growth Tool Box including “Try and Correct,” “No Means Keep Asking,” “If You Don’t Believe in Yourself, Find a Coach Who Does,“ “Hang Out With People You Admire and Want to Emulate”, “Be a Giver,” and more. 

What you’ll take away from our fun and interactive evening together is that there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing, and how preparing for life and expecting, and yes demanding success can make all the difference.

About Nicole Jambard:

Nicole Jambard is a Sales Training Manager at UPS and serves on the Board at Girls Inc. of New Hampshire.  Her 29 years of service at UPS in both Sales and Operations has helped her gain much perspective and insight into the challenges that people face, both at work and in life.

Nicole’s passion for supporting her fellow person is the fire behind her ability to show others, by example, that they are capable of great things.  She is hard working, loyal, and disciplined with a “can-do” attitude.  She is a confident woman, attentive to detail, and not afraid to speak up in a constructive manner.  She is highly accountable to herself and to others and skilled at communicating in a way to get her needs met.

Nicole’s mentorship to young people, girls age 10 to 14 at Girls Inc., is planting the seeds of confidence and self-esteem for future generations.  The core message Nicole delivers is, “You have more control over your destiny than you realize.”

Nicole is a graduate of University of Massachusetts Lowell and completed an MBA Program at Rivier University.    You might see her working out at Orange Theory or running in some 5K for a worthy cause.