The Whole30 Kicks Off Saturday, September 4th!
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The Whole30 Kicks Off Saturday, September 4th!

Thank you for your interest in doing the Whole30.  In my experience people have greater success with Whole30 with a Coach.  Some people fly solo doing it but many miss the nuances and fail to do the deeper work to truly help them change their relationship with food. Also, support is a critical element and the group will add additional structure and support.

 You can get information about Whole30 at  They have some wonderful books you can get online or from your library.

I will meet with people as a group at my office to teach the program on Tuesday, September 4th at 6pm, and then weekly as a group for the 30 days.

I am available through the month for text email support as well.

I will invite members of our team to a private Facebook group to provide additional support and sharing.

Before and after InBody Body Composition Assessment is also available as part of the offerings for anyone interested.

 My number is 617-666-1122 if you have more questions and would like to participate.

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