Asking For Help For A Friend

Who do you know that needs life-changing coaching, support, guidance and accountability from a Master Transformative Coach and Behavioral Nutrition Expert? Let me tell you about this Coach and why it's a good idea to hire her and refer your friends to her.

In her own life she doesn't quit. She never, never, never gives up. She's strong and compassionate, wise and insightful. She survived divorce, twice. She survived miscarriages and heartbreaks. She raised, educated and supported five children without help from their father or family. She survived breast cancer. Having literally given birth to a hockey team, she bravely stepped on to the right side of the glass, to get in the game, to play hockey in her 50s and 60s, and she's still going strong. She then went on to develop the skills to found her own hockey school where she taught thousands of children and adults how to have fun with exercise through hockey and skating. And now at 65 years old she is teaching hockey skating to her grandchildren who she affectionately calls her "second line."

She could do many other things with her experience and skills as a nurse and coach to make money, but she has chosen a financially challenging and noble path. Her mission is to help people experience their best health and most fulfilling lives. She teaches people how to prevent disease. She coaches people to help them build confidence, change their mindset and see the world through a new lens that helps them move forward to achieve their personal goals. She demonstrates the power of creating habits and how these small, consistent, persistence steps impact everything to do with overall health and life satisfaction. She leads by example and demonstrates every day of her life that people can continue to learn, grow, change and level up throughout their lives. 

She is one of the most positive people you will ever meet and faces every challenge as an opportunity to level up and elevate her skills as a parent, a coach, a nurse, a hockey skater and a player in this game of life.

Her dream is simple, to be debt free in a modest lifestyle to be able to continue helping others for the rest of her life. And by the way, she has a lot of colleagues who have similar stories and struggles with great skills who want nothing more than to help people. 

You probably recognize that the talented Coach I'm writing about here is me, but I'm not bragging and I'm not asking for help for me. I'm asking for a friend! I'm asking for help for YOUR friend who I don't know yet and who I won't meet unless you connect us; the one who YOU KNOW that needs my help, whose life will change immensely for the better with a small investment in himself or herself as he or she works with me to make changes that will pay enormous dividends in their health and the quality of their life for many, many years to come.

So here it is. The BIG ASK! Get ready. 

Will you tell him or her about me? Because, you know what? Together, we can help more people. 


Coach Joyce