How to Emergency-Proof Your Whole30®

Let’s talk about falling off the Whole30—or, more specifically, about how to avoid it. Time and time again, I’ve seen my clients head into their Whole30 with the best of intentions They’re dedicated, prepared and ready to party! But around Day 11, something happens. They wake up late (yes, your sleep WILL improve that much!) and forget their packed lunch. Or their kid gets sick. Or they have to stay late for a work emergency. And suddenly, just grabbing that sandwich, or eating that cookie, or ordering takeout Chinese seems like the only option. When you’re hangry, what can you do? The answer lies in preparation. Don’t let yourself get hangry in the first place! In this post, we’ll talk about how to emergency-proof your Whole30 and the resource I use to make sure I’m always prepared.

Get Prepared

I usually advocate that clients embarking on a Whole30 (especially those doing so for the first time) pick a routine 30-day period. Sticking to your plan is more likely if you can avoid  doing a Whole30 during  a family vacation, over the holidays or when struggling through a period of intense work stress. But even routines get interrupted... Life WILL present some challenges during your Whole30. How you respond to those challenges makes all the difference. Here’s my two-step process for preparing for the worst. Prep Your Meals Even a “normal” week is pretty hectic for most of us. If you typically pick up takeout on the way home or eat your meals at work, don’t expect to miraculously develop a taste for weeknight cooking once you start your Whole30. Even those of us who love cooking are often too exhausted to do anything elaborate on a weeknight. Instead, have a plan for those nights when things get hectic. I love prepping meals like easy  curries, soups, or chicken and roasted veggies to have on hand for a couple days of meals. You can find fantastic recipes in The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food  Freedom and The Whole30 Cookbook! Taking time to cook on Sunday will save you headaches later in the week. Alternatively, stock your freezer (at home and at work!) with a few of my favorite meals from True Fare. These chef-prepared, Whole30 Approved® meals arrive frozen and thaw quickly, so they’re always ready for your #whole30emergency. In fact, I recommend you keep these on hand throughout your Whole30, even if you regularly meal prep. Better safe than face down in lo mein noodles, right?

Best of Both Worlds With a little preparation, nothing can derail your Whole30 efforts. Emergency-proofing your Whole30 is as simple as making sure you have options on hand that look more tempting than takeout. A bit of effort ahead of time can go a long way toward your success.

With a stocked freezer of your homemade meals or True Fare’s amazing selection and a few snacks on hand, you’ll be ready to grab that Whole30 by the horns. 

Now get preppin’!