A funny thing happened on the way to changing your life. I changed.

A funny thing happened on the way to changing your life.  I changed.  I grew.  I became focused.  What I could not see I can now see.  My value increased.  My confidence grew. 

I was serving you.  I was listening intently and present with you.  I asked you provocative questions.  I was able to see the genius in you and understand your needs, wants and big dreams.  I helped you face and conquer obstacles, real and imagined.  I called bullshit when you needed it and held you accountable. I cautioned you when I was turning up the heat with my questions, and gave you space to decompress and walk at your own pace when the heat was too much for you.  You made changes by baby steps and sometimes changed exponentially.  Our powerful, life-changing coaching sessions were invaluable to you because they made your dreams come true.

And in giving you access to the possibility of making your dreams come true, I came to realize just how valuable my service is to you.  I am naturally empathic and good at listening for understanding.  I'm dependable.  My word is my bond.  I am intuitive and brave.  I'm a risk taker.  My superpower is my ability to understand ugly,  be present with pain, feel frustration, accept anger and face fear.  My father told me once, do what you love and do what you are good at.  I'm good at what I do and I love the powerful practice I have created because I'm a secret and critical ingredient in your next big thing.

Although I am an RN with many years of education in top colleges, professional training and credentials of competency, I've been charging less than many nurses make for a service I provide you that is priceless.  That's my fault and you got more than you paid for.  Good for you!

My changes did not happen easily or overnight.  They've slowly and steadily simmered and occasionally have come to a boil.  I've invested a lot of time and money into learning to serve you.  I've practiced my coaching and received powerful coaching to help me grow.  I've attended expensive conferences and sacrificed time with my family.  I've read incessantly and surrounded myself with smart, talented, professional coaches. Still, it took you, my clients and patients, to help me see through your eyes what I could not see myself.  I am valuable.

As the Zanders say in their book, The Art of Possibility, "It's all invented."  The secret to life is inventing what feels better.  Valuable feels better.


Coach Joyce