See Your World Differently

Amazing things happen when you build a  meaningful relationship with another person.

My job as your Coach is to help you see your world differently.  People often come to me to get information, education and buy products but they are mistaken if they think these are the most important reasons  

Coaching changes lives.   You will learn that I am genuinely devoted to making a difference in your life.  It is work for both of us. It’s not always comfortable and sometimes it can be scary. It’s always worth it.  

I don’t have time to Coach everyone, nor do I want to.  I serve people who sometimes don’t like me but keep coming because I ask difficult questions that are catalysts for change.  In the end, they like me a lot and refer many new clients by modeling and sharing their own successes. I’m not here to be your friend.  I’m your change agent and I expect you to take responsibility for taking action.  I will hold you accountable and charge you a fee if you miss your appointment without 24 hours notice   I will not refund or freeze your account if you quit.

I am here to create a powerful coaching experience for you so that you will get what you paid good money for.  Your lifestyle change, your weight loss, your ability to maintain your health depend on you learning to see your world differently.  This is lifestyle change  

If you are interested in making meaningful changes to design the lifestyle you have always wanted but somehow could not achieve we can start with a conversation  My clients typically come to me by referral and invitation