How Paleo Baby Food Pouches Saved My Life

Let’s be real: being a mom is HARD.

Before my little one was born, I remember wondering how hard could it actually be?! I would breastfeed, cloth diaper, co-sleep. I was going to be a natural!

Boy, was I wrong.

Those days are gone for me and now I’m so grateful to have more information as I help my children raise their children! Grandparents need to stay up to speed with what good for kids too!

One tough lesson I had to learn was that perfect can be the enemy of the good. And at no time is this more apparent to me than when I’m feeding my kiddo.

The Baby Food Catch 22

Transitioning to solid foods was so far from easy! In fact, there was a point after weaning where getting ANY solid food into [him/her] was seemingly impossible.

It made meal times in our house nearly impossible. And when we were outside the house? Forget it! I was spending so much time cooking food for my kid that my own health was going out the window in the process!

Around this time, I thought store-bought baby food pouches would be a convenient solution when I was on-the-go. But I kept running into one problem: those pouches were mostly fruit, sometimes veggies (sometimes even sugar!) and rarely kept my kiddo happy for long. In fact, they often prompted meltdowns of epic proportions.

So, my options became cooking everything at home, leaving me no time for myself or my other responsibilities, or feeding my child something I knew was nutritionally inferior.

Catch 22!

Enter Serenity Kids

Real Baby Food

I knew there were times I’d have to compromise my ideal scenario (making everything myself!) in order to save a little time. But I also didn’t want to compromise my child’s nutrition.
I needed a better solution.

So when Serenity Kids sent me their brand-new, Paleo-friendly Chicken and Beef baby food, I was intrigued! Paleo Baby Food? This was like nothing I’ve seen before! These pouches are based on grass-fed and pastured meats, organic vegetables and healthy fat.

And I know you might get hung up on the idea of adding pureed meat to baby food like I did. But I learned that unlike cow’s milk (things I know many of us rely on to add protein and fat to our little ones’ diets) or fruit, meat is actually very easy for babies to digest. And of course, it’s packed with nutrition, rather than simple carbs and sugars. And, when more of your baby’s food ends up ON them than IN them (or on the floor!), it helps to make every bite as nutrient-dense as possible! According to the USDA, a 7-12 month old baby needs 30G of fat per day —equivalent to a 1.5 sticks of butter for an adult!! And, they need 11G of protein.

You just won’t find that in a fruit puree!

They’re packed with the naturally balanced ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates babies over six-months-old need to thrive.

How Serenity Kids Got Me Back on Track

I’m finding that Serenity Kids is a fabulous option for times when I just CANNOT make everything work. You know, the times when you have to choose between taking a shower and feeding your kid something other than processed foods?

In that scenario, the shower is never going to win!

We don’t rely on Serenity Kids for every meal, but they have absolutely saved my life more times than I can count on roadtrips, in airports, when sending to grandma’s or childcare, or when we’re running out the door and I simply don’t have time to cook.

I have even suggested to some of my adult friends and clients to use Serenity Kids as a quick on-the-go snack!

I am so happy to have found a healthier baby food option. Serenity Kids really is the best of both worlds, and I hope you’ll check them out!